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Products & Coating Specialties

Highway Barrier Cable


Packaged on wood reels and available in both standard and pre-stretched forms.Our highway barrier cable has a minimum breaking strength of 39,000 lbs. and is used in highway systems all over to aid inhibiting vehicles from crosssing over into the opposing lanes of the highway.

ASTM A475 &ASTM A363

We manufacture 1x7 Guy Strand & Messenger Cable, Overhead Ground Wire (OHGW) in Galvanize & Galfan. It is designed and used to add stability to a structure or tower. Strand sizes available

1/4" to 1/2"

Packaging for Guy Strand & Messenger Cable

250' coil (bundle of 10)

500' coil (bundle of 10)

1000' Wood Reel

2500' Wood Reel

5000' Wood Reel

Guy / Messenger / OHGW
Galvanize/Galfan wire & rod

We manufacture quality Galvanize / Galfan

Wire & Rod products.

Wire sizes from:

.075" to .3125",

Rod sizes from: 

3/16" to 11/32".  

Our wire products are drawn after Galvanized giving a smoother and more consistent finish.

By drawing after Galvanizing we can supply our customers lump free, tight tolerance coating thickness, length, and diameters.

Wire is Packaged on: 

1,500-2,000 lb carriers. 

Rod is packaged on: 

4000 lb carriers.


Our high quality products are drawn after galvanized, that means that our products have a smoother & more attractive finish. By drawing after the products are galvanized we can achieve consistent diameters & consistent stand lengths on our finished products. Traditional galvanize lines can have a significant environmental impact due to use of acids, fluxes and lead.  However, here at Guardian Cable our Galvanize line & techniques are environmentally friendly and do not utilize any of these potentially harmful elements.

Target Industries

We focus on all industries that require the use of high quality strand & wire products in Galvanize & Galfan® for their specific needs.

Energy & Utilities


Agricultural Fencing




Galfan is 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminum plus rare earth mischmetal. Galfan® gives you a corrosion life that is 2.5x better than Class A Galvanize, but without being as expensive as Class B or C Galvanize.


Line Card

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Export Available

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